Wish Lashes Review

Hey Everyone welcome back to my blog!

Today is Friday so we are talking about beauty.

I recently bought some lashes from Wish, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard about it, but it’s a chinese shop app, like AliExpress but the prices are lower.

The first box was like 2 dollars, there are 5 pairs inside. They are really wispy and thick, in fact I use them on a client who wants a strong eye, or for a drag look.

Some hairs of the lash are purple and I think it gives the look a bit of colour and it soften it a little bit, because it’s not all black.

The second box was around 4$ a
nd there are 10 pairs inside.

The lash is really thin and soft, perfect for an every day make-up.

They are wispy too, but the other one is more curvy, instead this lash is more straight.


You need to check out that site!




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