These days we’ve been reading a lot about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Apparently in first place Chyna has been hacked, and these hacker published a lot of screenshots of  IG DMs with some chats that Chyna had with other guys while she was dating Rob.

The screenshots have been deleted by her IG but we can still find them online. 

The developments of this drama story sees Chyna tweeting that she’s running away from Rob with the baby, since she was scared for his reaction about the chats.

But then we notice  on Chyna’s snapchat that  she’s cutting her bang or wathever while the fiance is crying with the house being empty.
The question is…is it real? Is this an excuse to just run away from Rob? I think it’s all a bullshit.

The hacker ain’t real, this is all drama made on purpose just cuz that night the second season of their reality was going to be aired.

Let’s take our considerations and pray.


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